Crop bio protection - combination of biobased and conventional solutions.

Bio proteção de culturas - combinação de soluções de base biológica e convencionais.
Crop bio protection - combination of biobased and conventional solutions.
Because We Care

Thanks to synergies with the Rovensa Group, Ascenza is strengthening its crop bio-protection portfolio. With a strong, innovative strategy, the company is preparing for the future by combining bio-based and conventional crop protection solutions.

Plant extracts, micro-organisms, essential oils... Ascenza offers bio-protection solutions, brought together in the Blexia range, to meet environmental requirements while reducing the risk of residue in final products. Developed through synergies between the different companies in the Rovensa Group, this range reflects Ascenza's strategy for the coming years: combining bio-based and conventional solutions to preserve yields and reduce environmental impact.


A more responsible strategy.

Such an ambition is based on a precise and committed strategic development plan. By 2030, these new products combining conventional chemicals and natural substances will represent 35% of Ascenza's turnover, of which 23% will correspond to Blexia brand. To realise this strategy, the company has adopted a new brand positioning, "Because We Care" (literally "Because we take care").


A balanced portfolio of solutions.

This new positioning is based on three pillars of Ascenza's development: the protection of plants, people, and the planet. Plant protection is achieved through a balanced portfolio of solutions to provide responses tailored to the needs of each crop and the market: with over 180 active formulations, Ascenza offers a solution for all crops throughout their vegetation phase. In 2023, more than 80 trials and demonstrations have been conducted with distributors and technical institutes.

The everyday environment.

Taking care of people includes taking care of employees as well as being attentive to customers, whether they are farmers, technicians or distributors. Protecting the planet is as much about Ascenza's products and the use of natural solutions as it is about the industrial process and the daily lives of its employees. Ascenza has an Ecopark that recycles over 90% of the waste it collects, and a waste water recycling and treatment system that has a neutral environmental impact. 
Food safety, health, environmental protection and biodiversity: Ascenza takes care of the fundamentals of modern, sustainable agriculture.