AGROMINDS: Meet the farmer Raquel Santiago Moya

Agrominds project - Raquel Santiago Moya, Spanish farmer, on the backgroud of a video frame
AGROMINDS: Meet the farmer Raquel Santiago Moya

Today we present to you another video on the theme of Women in Agriculture.
Raquel is from a village called Jaén, in Spain, and she comes from a family of farmers, so she feels agriculture in her blood. In this entangling video, we immerse into her story and discover what she is doing to empower women in agriculture

This woman farmer shows us how she got to this point in her life and the projects she has in mind for the future. Furthermore, she shows us the strength every farmer must have to endure the challenges of the field. 

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AGROMINDS | Women in Agriculture | Raquel Santiago Moya

The AGROMINDS project consists of a series of videos in which we spoke to four farmers and each of their points of view is unique and full of emotion.

In this series of videos, we tackle two important topics: Young Farmers and Women in Agriculture.


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